Long Beach community groups call for the end of police violence at march through East Long Beach

Sep. 14, 2020 / By

Leanna Noble, of the local Democratic Socialists of America chapter, speaks on behalf of tenants’ rights and frustrations over the lack of funds allocated to community programs. All photos by Ceferino Martirez.


Residents and community organizations gathered on Sept. 8 to continue calls for defunding the police, in response to local and nationwide instances of police violence. 

The march, calling for the end of police violence and defunding the Long Beach Police Department, was organized by the People’s Budget Coalition. Protesters in this march began at Recreation Park and walked throughout East Long Beach.

The marchers stopped at the home of Third District Councilwoman Suzie Price, where one speaker demanded change, including cuts to the portion of the budget allocated to the LBPD. Protesters spoke about lack of transparency from police and the funding the LBPD receives in comparison to other services for community members.

During the march, a car attempted to ram past protesters but failed to do so when the organizers blocked and surrounded the car. Officers arrived but no arrests were made and the protesters moved on from the scene.

Ultimately, the city council voted that night to cut about 5% of the LBPD budget, rather than the 20% that organizations and community members called for. The final budget vote will take place Tuesday, Sept. 15.

The photos below were shot during the protest on Sept. 8


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Ceferino Martirez

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