Compound x VoiceWaves panel: Youth Reporters on becoming more aware of local social issues

Nov. 30, 2020 / By , and

The speakers and moderator of the Compound, in order from left to right, are: Nick Eismann, Briana Mendez-Padilla, Ceferino Martirez, and Carlos Omar. Photo courtesy of Tokotah Ashcraft of Compound.

In this clip from our panel hosted at Compound, VoiceWaves Youth Reporters Nick Eismann, Briana Mendez-Padilla, and Ceferino Martirez discuss how their environments have shaped how they grown up in Long Beach. Watch this on our YouTube channel, where you can also find more clips from this panel.

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Briana Mendez-Padilla

Briana Mendez-Padilla is a Poly Junior who loves to read, write and listen to music. Her favorite book is "Jane Eyre" and she is a huge fan of The Smiths and Morrissey. Her dream is to be a writer and live in a treehouse in London.

Ceferino Martirez

Ceferino Martirez is a photojournalist with VoiceWaves. He is a history and history education major at CSULB who joined VoiceWaves in 2018. Martirez’s work focuses on street photography and protest coverage. His work with VoiceWaves has focused on using his photography to capture community voices on issues like housing, labor, and youth rights.