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Oum Ry’s unforgettable life story unleashed in ‘I Am Oum Ry’

Jun. 6, 2023 / By

Oum Ry's extraordinary journey is told in "I Am Oum Ry," a gripping account of Cambodian kickboxing and unyielding determination — authored by his daughter Zochada Tat and family friend Addi Somekh.
A person in a rainbow colored shirt that says "Team Pride"

In Photos: Scenes from Long Beach Trans Pride 2021

Nov. 18, 2021 / By
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Creating a space to offer events and services for youth and their families was the goal for the Long Beach Trans Pride team. And with their first event, that vision became a reality.
Jose Loza stands in front of three of his art pieces that are posted on a wall.

Flatline’s newest exhibit shows the impact the quarantine had on Long Beach and Jose Loza

Sep. 15, 2021 / By
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The quarantine only strengthened the connection that Jose Loza had between his art and activism in the city of Long Beach, inspiring him to make pieces about immigrants, family, and community.