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Youth jobs prevent crime, Long Beach youth say, but only half have access to a paying gig.

Can Youth Jobs be Long Beach’s True Crime Deterrent? — VoiceWaves Long Beach

Apr. 29, 2020 / By
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Youth jobs prevent crime but only half of teens have access to a paying gig, Long Beach survey says.

Governor Signs Budget, Includes Historic Investments for Immigrant Communities

Jun. 24, 2015 / By
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On June 24, Gov. Brown signed the $115.4 Billion General Fund budget which includes historic investments to further integrate immigrant communities.

The People’s Budget: Residents Help City Divvy Up Funds

Dec. 6, 2013 / By
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If Sherman Ray Harper had a say in the city budget, he would invest in more recreation centers because he doesn’t want more youth to end up homeless like him...

Think Outside the Box: Jesus and Diana

Nov. 1, 2012 / By and
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By Jesus Almaraz

This chance to decide where this money will be spent it is a great honor...

College Students Protest Cuts to Higher Education

Mar. 14, 2012 / By
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By Tony Aguilar
Coachella Unincorporated

Sacramento, Calif. — According to the California Governor’s budget summary for 2012-2013, higher education in the state of California has been cut by more than $2.65 billion since 2008.