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Audio Diary: How This Long Beach Woman Survived the Khmer Rouge

Jan. 15, 2019 / By
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In this audio diary, local Lean Taing shares her incredible journey of survival and finding happiness in Cambodia Town, Long Beach.

After Decades of Division, Long Beach Cambodians Want Redistricting

Mar. 13, 2018 / By
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Long Beach’s Cambodia Town is split among four districts, dividing the ethnic community and violating voting guidelines, advocates say.

Q&A: With Cambodian Elections on the Horizon, Long Beach Immigrant Reflects on Homeland

Jun. 2, 2017 / By
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Villages in Cambodia will elect local commune leaders on June 4.

“Khmer Metal” Shows Wildside of Cambodia’s Urban Youth

Sep. 16, 2015 / By
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The show is coming to the United States for the first time, and what better place to premiere than in Long Beach? CSULB's Carpenter Performing Arts Center will feature the show Sunday, September 20th for the local Cambodian diaspora and other audiences to enjoy.

Local Film Festival Shares Culture, Exposes Histories

Sep. 8, 2015 / By
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The Cambodian Town Film Festival emphasized the variety of Cambodian histories through filmmaking, showcasing Cambodian traditions as well as engaging audiences on social and political conflicts.

Cambodian New Year Parade and Celebration in Long Beach

Apr. 7, 2014 / By
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Long Beach, CA, February 18, 2014:  After two years hiatus due to lack of funding, the Cambodian Coordinating Council (Cam-CC) will resume hosting its annual Cambodian New Year Parade on Sunday, April 6, 2014 in Cambodia Town.


LB Youth Connect with Their Cambodian Roots

Apr. 3, 2014 / By
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By CSULB Senior Seminar Reporter Vivian Gatica; Photo courtesy of Chad Sammeth

Emily Ngov’s grandmother had always liked watching the little girls perform Cambodian dances and wanted her granddaughter to do the same...

Cambodian New Year Celebrated Through Art and Struggle

Apr. 19, 2013 / By
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In the aftermath of years of war, over 1 million Cambodia refugees fled with their families to rebuild their lives in the U.S...

Re-Imagining Eating: Expanding Our Options with Street Food

Nov. 27, 2011 / By
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Written by Sophinarath Cheang

I am walking down Anaheim Street and a delightful aroma fills the air...

Unique Collaboration Brings the Cambodian American Story to Life

Nov. 25, 2011 / By
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International Examiner, News Report, Roxanne Ray, Posted: Nov 25, 2011
Following the recent production of Michael Golamco’s play “Year Zero” by SIS Productions, the Cambodian American immigrant experience is again on stage...