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The Biggest Issues Affecting LB Youth, According to Youth

Apr. 9, 2013 / By
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As the People’s State of the City gears up this upcoming Thursday, VoiceWaves asked some of its youth what they thought were some of the biggest issues facing Long Beach youth right now...

Summary of New Research: Closing the School Discipline Gap

Apr. 8, 2013 / By
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This summary of Key Findings in sixteen new research studies, all presented in January 2013 at the “Closing the School Discipline Gap Conference,” describes the school discipline gap, contributing factors, and the benefits of reducing the disparities for students’ academic and life outcomes, and school safety...

Students Want to Ensure that “Every Student Matters” at LBUSD

Apr. 5, 2013 / By
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Hundreds of students and parents showed up in support for the launch of the “Every Student Matters” (ESM) campaign this past weekend at Cesar Chavez Park...

Every Student Matters Campaign Launch

Apr. 2, 2013 / By
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March 30th marked a historic day for the Building Healthy Communities: Long Beach Youth Committee! They publicly launched the Every Student Matters Campaign!..

The Secret to Fixing School Discipline? Change the Behavior of Adults

Mar. 28, 2013 / By
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ACEsTooHigh, News Feature, Jane Ellen Stevens

Photo (above): Andre Griggs, after school program director, Le Grand High School

EDITOR’S NOTE: Following is an excerpt of the first of a series of articles about how schools in California are moving from a punitive to a supportive, compassionate approach to school discipline.

Every Student Matters

Mar. 11, 2013 / By
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What is the “Every Student Matters” campaign?

The Every Student Matters (ESM) campaign is the first student-led policy advocacy campaign being organized by the BHC Long Beach Youth Committee...

Every Student Matters

Mar. 8, 2013 / By
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National Alliance Calls for End to School Closures

Feb. 8, 2013 / By
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The Washington Informer, News Report, Dorothy Rowley

A highly-vocal and growing alliance of public education advocates have united to end what they describe as the discriminatory shuttering of schools in black and Latino neighborhoods...

Stranger Than Nonfiction–Author Andrew Lam Busts the Online Homework Racket

Feb. 7, 2013 / By
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New America Media, News Analysis, Andrew Lam, Posted: Feb 06, 2013


Report from the Dream Brave Summit

Feb. 3, 2013 / By
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I didn’t really know what to expect when I met with other young people from Long Beach to go to the Dream Brave Summit...

Financial Aid & College Admissions Workshop SAT. FEB. 2

Jan. 28, 2013 / By
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Californians for Justice (CFJ) & the Parent Support Network (PSN) will be having a workshop on Financial Aid & How to Get Into College this Saturday, February 2, 2013 from 10AM-12PM.

Students Struggle As Tuition Continues to Rise

Jan. 23, 2013 / By
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When Long Beach City College was first established in the late 1960s, tuition was $60 per term...