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Youth Reporters Cover ComplexCon 2019

Nov. 5, 2019 / By and
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Our friends at the Long Beach Post invited our very own M. Smith and Carlos Villicana to cover the annual, star-studded ComplexCon in Long Beach, a two-day event centering around hip hop fashion and music.

Jackpot! Long Beach Lyricist Hits the Lottery with Gambling PSA

Jun. 25, 2019 / By and
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Youth Reporter M. Smith set aside their reporter's notebook and picked up the mic to collaborate with Betting on Our Future (BOOF) to create a PSA on problem gambling. Leave a fire emoji if you think "M" did a good job on production and lyricism.

Vince Staples Reigns as ‘Big Fish’ in Latest, Underrated Album

Jan. 5, 2018 / By
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His most ambitious album to date, “Big Fish Theory” preserves the North Long Beach rapper’s keen observational style while exploring new electronic territory.

2015’s Best In Hip-Hop

Jan. 7, 2016 / By
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Hip-hop has never been so diverse with themes ranging from introspection, grief, depression, social commentary, and your usual music to turn up to.

Movie Review: Why I Loved Every Minute Of “Straight Outta Compton”

Sep. 14, 2015 / By
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Hip-hop didn’t begin as an explicitly political genre; it was a party music that gradually evolved to include many other forms of expression. N.W.A. was a vital part of that evolution.

Vince is the New Staple of Long Beach Hip-Hop

Jul. 15, 2015 / By
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Vince Staples communicates a deep message as an excellent storyteller from an area in Long Beach where there is very little sunshine.

Concert Review: Azealia Banks: She’s Back…

Jul. 6, 2015 / By
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The musician has shown that despite the odds stacked against her, including public spats with her record label and other famous artists, her creativity speaks for itself.

How Local Queers Are Making Space For Themselves In Hip-Hop

May. 26, 2015 / By
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CSULB showcased Queer Hip-Hop Uncensored-- an introduction to California-based queer emcees-- just in time for Long Beach Pride.

Review: Kendrick Lamar’s New Album Establishes Him As A Hip-Hop Giant

Apr. 7, 2015 / By
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To Pimp A Butterfly transcends anything out right now in the hip-hop world, and is without a doubt, a hip-hop classic in the making.

Is Hip-Hop Being Whitewashed?

Nov. 14, 2014 / By and
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While these aren’t the only two white rappers in the scene, and certainly not the only two white musicians incorporating hip-hop into their music, some hip-hop fans are very critical about what they’re calling “cultural appropriation” of black culture.

Back On The Map: Rappers On The Current State Of Hip-Hop In Long Beach

Jan. 20, 2014 / By
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When people think of where hip-hop comes from, the West Coast is probably on the top of that list...

A Remembrance of the Past and a Look to Our Futures

May. 5, 2013 / By
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This week in Hip Hop is special for it signals the 2nd year anniversary our fellow SV De-bugger Yung Ghost (Demetrius Cambell) was taken from us...