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The Detention Chronicles: Episode 2

May. 25, 2013 / By
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As part of our school discipline coverage, here is the second in our series of personal narratives about what happens in high school detention.  ..

Judge: Discrimination at Arpaio’s Office Came From the ‘Top Down’

May. 25, 2013 / By
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New America Media, News Report, Valeria Fernández

PHOENIX — A federal judge ruled on Friday that Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio engaged in racial profiling of Latinos, violating their constitutional rights in his crackdown on illegal immigration...

The Peace Builders: Building Bridges Camp

Mar. 30, 2013 / By
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When Woodrow Wilson High School teacher Mike Smith suffered of a heart attack years ago, he became a part of Building Bridges Camp history...

A Roadmap to the Future of Juvenile Justice

Aug. 28, 2012 / By
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New America Media, Commentary, David Muhammad, Posted: Aug 28, 2012

Juvenile justice is transforming throughout America...

Rally for Restorative Justice

Jun. 10, 2012 / By
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Written by: Luis Pacheco

On June 6, students raised their voices at Fresno Unified’s main offices to
support restorative justice in order to reduce dropout rates.


The Beat Within

Mar. 27, 2012 / By
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The Beat Within’s mission is to provide incarcerated youth with consistent opportunity to share their ideas and life experiences in a safe space that encourages literacy, self-expression, some critical thinking skills, and healthy, supportive relationships with adults and their community...

Through the Ugliness: The State of Boys and Men of Color

Mar. 5, 2012 / By
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Written by John Oliver Santiago

On February 29, an official “Teach-In” was held at Centro Cha...

A Glimpse Into Justice: Judge Manley’s Drug Courtroom is What the Justice System Should Be

Sep. 26, 2011 / By
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Written by Gail Noble, Albert Cobarrubias Justice Project.

Judge Manley seems to be a rare breed in the criminal justice system as author of this article Gail Noble explains...