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After Long Struggle, Long Beach Votes to Raise the Minimum Wage

Jan. 22, 2016 / By

In the video above, see how the council voted and what low-income workers said was at stake for their livelihood and for the city.

Would You Like a Living Wage with That?

Dec. 16, 2015 / By and
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Many restaurant workers are anxiously anticipating a decision by the Long Beach City Council over whether to approve a raise in the city’s minimum wage to $15 per hour.

Residents Demand Increase to Minimum Wage in Long Beach

Aug. 17, 2015 / By
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About 70 residents rallied alongside city councilmembers Tuesday outside city hall in support of raising the city’s minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Long Beach Workers Break Their Silence On Wage Theft

Jun. 18, 2015 / By
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On June 13, the Coalition to End Wage Theft held a town hall to discuss poverty jobs and unpaid wages in the city, including ways to work together to solve the issues.

Hundreds Protest At Walmart In Long Beach On Black Friday

Dec. 8, 2014 / By
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Protestors join Walmart workers on strike on Black Friday to protest poor wages and working conditions in Long Beach.

Who Are The Long Beach Port Workers?

Jul. 18, 2014 / By
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Paco Sanchez drives about 100 miles to get to work at the Long Beach port from his home in Redlands...

What A Low Wage Worker Looks Like In Long Beach

Jun. 3, 2014 / By
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[Ed. Note] VoiceWaves interviewed three low-wage workers in Long Beach to talk about the daily struggles they face trying to provide for their families, as well as a community organizer with Long Beach Coalition for Good Jobs and a Healthy Community...

Living Wage Advocates Speak Out Against “Bluff Project”

Mar. 28, 2014 / By
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Christopher Zatarain arrived at the California Coastal Commission meeting at Long Beach City Hall at 8 a.m...

After Wage Victory, Hotel Workers Hit With Less Hours

Dec. 10, 2013 / By and
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Eleven months after a living wage measure for hotel workers passed in the City of Long Beach, workers at the Hilton Hotel say that the wage increase to $13 an hour has resulted in a reduction of their work hours...

Working Towards A Living Wage

May. 10, 2012 / By
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Nikole Cababa is a community organizer with the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy.  Born and raised in Long Beach, she is an active member of the Long Beach Coalition for Good Jobs and a Healthy Community, which is working to pass a living wage initiative here in Long Beach.  ..