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Long Beach Actors & Filmmakers Respond To Lack Of Diversity At The Oscars

Feb. 5, 2015 / By
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No people of color were nominated in the four acting categories, nor were there any for Best Director. Voicewaves spoke with diverse artists, actors and filmmakers from Long Beach about the Oscars, the lack diversity in film, and opportunities for change.

Why Teens From All Ethnic Backgrounds Love K-pop Music

Sep. 12, 2014 / By and
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When they're seen singing or dancing along to K-Pop, some people question why teens listen to music they don’t understand. But check out the words from these young people in Long Beach and you’ll see why they think K-pop is for everyone.

Where Are Asian Americans in the Media?

Sep. 20, 2011 / By
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John Oliver Santiago.  Photo by Prumsodun Ok.

In today’s culture, media contributes so much to our daily lives...