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PODCAST: How racism impacted a youth’s relationship

Jan. 29, 2021 / By
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Tiffany Mankarios tells the story of how her family shunned her for being in a relationship with her Black boyfriend.

Anti-Trump Protests Embolden Long Beach’s Diversity

Nov. 22, 2016 / By
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LGBTQ, Muslims, immigrants, women and communities of color gathered in Long Beach to march in protest against President-elect Donald Trump.

Dating a White Person Is Hard: Why I Choose to Struggle Through It

Feb. 26, 2016 / By
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"I have learned that there’s a point we reach when we’re faced with the most unbecoming and intimate truths about our friends and loved ones. At that point we decide to accept these truths or abandon the relationship."

How Complexion Affects the Way People Of Color Are Treated In Their Own Communities

Feb. 25, 2016 / By
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Colorism can be just as bad as racism, but they’re not exactly the same. People of the same race can be prejudice towards their darker peers.

Long Beach Muslims Fear Growing Prejudice

Apr. 6, 2015 / By and
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With heavy media coverage of the rise of ISIS and the recent shooting at the Paris magazine Charlie Hebdo, many Muslims feel that public and media sentiment against their religion in the U.S. is growing.

High School Basketball Players Respond to Sterling’s Racist Comments

May. 6, 2014 / By
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I love sports. It keeps me busy as a young person, gives me an outlet and keeps me relaxed...

An Open Letter, Apology To CNN Reporter Jeanne Moos: Pacific Peoples Don’t “Decorate Bums” Or “Rub Noses” For Fun

Apr. 21, 2014 / By
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Dear Jeanne Moos,

I recently saw your short two minute piece on the Williams’ family traveling to Aotearoa (New Zealand)...

Trayvon Martin: What Now?

Jul. 21, 2013 / By
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Editor’s Note: In the aftermath of the George Zimmerman trial and verdict, there has been protests, conversations and soul-searching...