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Priced Out: Sequester Cuts Devastate Silicon Valley’s Most Vulnerable

Sep. 3, 2013 / By
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Silicon Valley De-Bug, Op-ed, Text: Sandy Perry / Video: Fernando Perez

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following editorial and video, featuring testimonies of Section 8 tenants impacted by federal sequester cuts, was produced by Silicon Valley De-Bug in collaboration with the Community Homeless Alliance Ministries, a group that is organizing against the rent increases...

VIDEO: The Cannery Grand Opening

Aug. 18, 2013 / By
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Adrian Avila • Silicon Valley De-Bug

The Cannery is a creative zone focused on bringing a touch of color and style to San Jose...

We Speak baylingual: Sorry to Rain on Your Parade I a Dirtbag full of 100 Bulletz

Jun. 7, 2013 / By
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This week in Hip Hop is special because it’s the first time we got a battle up...