Breaking Down the Chain: A Guide to the Soft Drink Industry

Nov. 2, 2011 / By

What does it take to produce and sell a soft drink today?

From manufacturing and bottling to market research and distribution, the soft drink industry involves a complex and sometimes mysterious chain of players, systems, and strategies.

Given the public health concerns associated with heavy consumption of many products manufactured by the soft drink industry today, many advocates and policymakers are working on tactics to counter the impact. But without a clear understanding of exactly how the industry works, it can be challenging to identify the most strategic interventions to pursue.

“Breaking Down the Chain,” a new report from NPLAN and Public Health Law & Policy, gives advocates and policymakers a detailed guide to the soft drink industry, from manufacturing and distribution to marketing and sales.

Download our new report for clear, straightforward information about the inner workings of an industry that has held a powerful place in American culture for more than a century.


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