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Mar. 26, 2012 / By

Father and son, owners of Nuñez Upholstery along the Anaheim corridor of central Long Beach. Photo by Prumsodun Ok.

VoiceWaves is an online community of many diverse people, ideas, and opinions. We imagine our website as a home for all people. We invite our community to share their own stories.  Please send them to: Prumsodun Ok, VoiceWaves Project Director + Executive [email protected]
1) The story must be related to issues of community health.  Here at VoiceWaves we approach community health in the broadest sense, looking at everything from cultural and economic issues, physical and psychological issues, social and societal issues.  You should ask yourself, “How will this story work to nurture community health?”
2)  There is a 500 – 1000 word limit.





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