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The Long Beach Time Exchange

Aug. 8, 2013 / By
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The Long Beach Time Exchange is a time banking community, where members use an alternative currency called time credits to exchange skills and services...

Litter: The Ecological Degradation of North Long Beach

Oct. 25, 2012 / By
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By CSULB Senior Seminar Reporter Candace Marquez

Once a white working-class neighborhood, North Long Beach is now home to many ethnicities including African-Americans, Latinos, Samoans, and Tongans...

Beleaguered Richmond Earns Multicultural Clout

Jun. 5, 2012 / By
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Environmental Health News, News Feature, Cheryl Katz and Jane Kay, Posted: Jun 05, 2012

RICHMOND, Calif...

Share Your Story on VoiceWaves

Mar. 26, 2012 / By
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VoiceWaves is an online community of many diverse people, ideas, and opinions. We imagine our website as a home for all people...