Teens Making Their Way As Young Mothers

Jul. 5, 2012 / By

BAKERSFIELD– With Kern County being the second highest in the state for  teen pregnancy rates, South Kern Sol wanted to take a look at what becomes of a teen after she becomes a mom. Two Kern County teen sat down with Sol reporters to talk about how they’re lives have changed and challenge they face as parents.

Frances Hurtado, 16, has a son Frankie Hurtado, 2. She got pregnant at the age of 14. The father of Frankie is not in the picture. He left after six months after his birth. Frances has been taking care of Frankie with the help of her mother and a Teen Success program with Plan Parenthood.

Joceline Albarran, 17, got pregnant at the age of 15. She’s now the mother of two-year-old son Matthew Albarran. Joceline’s boyfriend and Matthew’s father has been there to support her.

Video by Andres Garcia
Interviewed by Clara Bruno



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