Youth and Depression: What to Look For, Where to Go For Help

Aug. 2, 2012 / By

From the Richmond Pulse

News Feature, Adrienne Chainey

Clinical depression is a very common and very serious occurrence, yet it often goes misunderstood by young people — as well as the adults who care about them.

There are many types of depression, including Major Depression, Chronic Depression (or Dysthymia), Bipolar disorder, Manic Depression and many others; all of which can be experienced by teenagers, although mistakes are often made in diagnosing a young person with depression.

The mistake is in assuming that a teen isn’t actually depressed, but that they’re merely upset or overwhelmed with school or work or life in general. Chances are, they could be feeling all of these things. However, that doesn’t mean their depression symptoms should be dismissed as short-term problems, or childish emotion.

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