Maryland Takes Lead on Health Care Reform

Mar. 24, 2013 / By

New America Media, Video, Khalil Abdullah

BALTIMORE — As one of America’s top ten wealthiest states and one that trends heavily Democratic, Maryland was among the nation’s first to move full throttle to implement the Affordable Care Act.

The decision puts the state well out ahead in expanding access to some 300,000 people who will qualify for free or subsidized health insurance as of 2014, according to Suzanne Schlattman, Deputy Director for Development and Community Outreach, Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative Education Fund, Inc.

“Because we acted so early, we didn’t get weighed down in the political rhetoric that other states got weighed down in,” she said.

At a newsmaker briefing for ethnic media representatives, Schlattman joined Danielle Davis, Director of Communications, Outreach and Training, Maryland Citizens’ Health Benefit Exchange (MHBE), and Leigh Cobb, Health Policy Director, Advocates for Children and Youth, to describe the benefits the law will bring.

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