DOMA: Youth Weigh In On Supreme Court’s Landmark Decision

Jul. 3, 2013 / By

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by We’Ced Youth Media

Editor’s Note: Last week, the Supreme Court of the United States narrowly struck down the Defense of Marriage Act. This landmark decision formally recognized all legal marriages as equal under federal law and would thus grant marriage benefits to legal LGBT marriages that were previously contested. This is what We’Ced youth had to say in reaction to this historic decision.

Alyssa Castro, 20

I agree with the courts decision. I’d like to see a change in the ways of thinking in society, especially by our officials and government heads. I feel they ruled by what was fair to married couples and not based on gender. I’m happy to see equality happening.

Jesus Perez, 18

It is about time the Supreme Court decided to treat all marriage the same under federal law. This has brought more equality to Americans. The United States claims that we have freedom of speech and belief. It upheld that claim with the court’s decision. No matter what sexual orientation a person has, they do not have to be worried about getting treated differently anymore. I was confident that the Defense Of Marriage Act would be struck down. It was the right thing to do.

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