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Merced and its surrounding areas have always had a vibrant population of young people. Unfortunately, too often there is a disconnect between generations that can lead to misunderstandings and a lack of communication. WeCed's aim through its program and publication is to highlight and empower youth to tell their stories and that of their communities, while providing them with the guidance and skill-building necessary to foster the development of their strongest possible voice.

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Q&A: Prop. 57 Offers Promise of ‘Hope and Opportunity’ to CA Youth

Oct. 26, 2016 / By
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As a formerly incarcerated woman, I am ecstatic about Proposition 57. In this Q & A, I interview the team that drafted the legislation who say it will overturn decades of CA policy that criminalize youth.

Get DACA, Pursue Your Dream Job

Jan. 26, 2016 / By
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The Mexican national is a recipient of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), the program announced in 2012 that allows certain undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S. as children to get a reprieve from deportation, and a social security number and a work permit.

The Torment of Isolation– Ending Solitary Confinement for Juveniles

Sep. 23, 2015 / By
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I was 16 when I was first sent to solitary confinement. Frustrated and angry at my situation and the treatment I received from staff, I took my anger out on a fellow prisoner and then verbally assaulted a counselor.

Central Valley Unites to Fight Environmental Injustice

Aug. 25, 2015 / By and

Over 250 people attended the forum, the Environmental Dignity Campaign for the Care for Our Common Home.

In World’s Largest Female Prison, Inmates Organize For Health

Jul. 15, 2015 / By
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Nearly 1,000 women gathered in the prison gym on the day of the event, which featured informational booths on substance abuse, transgender support, disability services and trauma.

Teens & Stress

Apr. 28, 2014 / By
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Ed Note: The American Psychological Association recently released the findings of their 2013 Stress In America Survey and the results were surprising...

Richard Sherman, Race and Coded Language

Jan. 28, 2014 / By

Editor’s Note: Following the NFC Championship on January 19th, where the Seattle Seahawks defeated the San Francisco 49ers, much attention was paid to Richard Sherman, a player from Seattle...

Where is El Nido?

Jan. 12, 2014 / By


Photo: Le Mahieu

by Lisbeth Vazquez

Editor’s Note: This story is published in We’Ced Youth Magazine Issue #3

“Where do you live?”..

Lessons of a Former Bully

Jan. 6, 2014 / By
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We’Ced Youth Media / New America Media, First Person, Diego Sandoval

According to studies by the American Medical Association, more than 3.2 million youths experience “moderate” or “serious” bullying...

Living With Diabetes As A Teen

Jan. 6, 2014 / By
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One week later, the doctor called to break the news that her hunch was indeed correct...

Youth Journalism

Dec. 20, 2013 / By


by Kalvin Saelee

Editor’s Note: This story is published in We’Ced Youth Magazine Issue #3

Even though traditional journalism is struggling, more and more young people are creating and publishing their own media...

When Substitute Teachers Go Wrong

Dec. 10, 2013 / By
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by Deborah Juarez

Editor’s Note: This story is published in We’Ced Youth Magazine Issue #3

“You’re taking Algebra Readiness this year,” said my school counselor...