I was invincible. Until I wasn’t. Get Covered!

Oct. 13, 2013 / By

You never want to be in the situation this young man from Long Beach describes. Get Covered!

These videos were made by and for young sons & brothers across California! From Fresno to Oakland to Merced, they’re getting the word out to other young men about how and why they should get covered under Obamacare. Young people have a lot going on and getting health insurance probably isn’t at the top of their list. But it’s essential. Accidents happen and no one is invincible without health insurance. The videos are all about two minutes or less. They range from raps to animations to dramatizations. A big congratulations to all the young people who participated. And to all the Building Healthy Community partners who helped make these happen! Help spread the word that it’s time for all of California to Get Covered! There may be new options for you under Obamacare. Go to www.getcoveredca.com or www.asegurate.com to learn more!

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