Partying In Merced: The Thin Line Between Fun And Disaster

Oct. 7, 2013 / By

Photo: Alyssa Castro

Photo: Alyssa Castro

By Alyssa Castro

As I walk into a random house I’m greeted by smiling faces. All around me are friends, united in a common purpose — to have a good time, by any means necessary.

Reality escapes me and I’m lost in the moment. I soon regain my confidence to be social so I begin to circle the room, looking for new people to meet, a drink to fill my cup or something to smoke. As I walk around I notice a crowd of people surrounding a game of “beer pong” while others, smoking and drinking alcohol, are spread throughout the room.

The hours pass by and I lose track of what I’ve consumed. My want to socialize begins to wear off, and this tingling sensation in the back of my head begins to take control. I wander through the rooms, looking for an exit from this house filled with dozens of young people. I find the backyard. I’m leaning against the wall for support as everything around me begins to spin and I lean over. My stomach is clenching and I begin to vomit.

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