When Substitute Teachers Go Wrong

Dec. 10, 2013 / By

Photo: Old Shoe Woman

Photo: Old Shoe Woman

by Deborah Juarez

Editor’s Note: This story is published in We’Ced Youth Magazine Issue #3

“You’re taking Algebra Readiness this year,” said my school counselor.

My face turned pale. I’m going to start my freshman year of high school taking Algebra Readiness? I’d taken Algebra 1 last year in the 8th grade. I never felt so dumb in my life.

My counselor said there was nothing I could do to fix my problem. My father even came to the office to talk to my school, but the best they could do was put me into Algebra 1 again because, according to them, without it I wouldn’t be able to pass the next level class, Geometry.

 At some point in the course of all this, my 8th grade Algebra teachers faces — almost all of my Algebra teachers that year were substitute teachers — popped up in my head.
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