Lessons of a Former Bully

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According to studies by the American Medical Association, more than 3.2 million youths experience “moderate” or “serious” bullying. In my case, it started as early as I can remember.

I can recall saying to one classmate in kindergarten, “Listen, this is my playground kid,” as I held a pointy object to his neck.

Yeah, I was what you would consider a bully. I bullied kids because I was always the big one, the tallest in class and the thickest, too. I had an advantage since all the kids my age were usually smaller and more delicate.

I felt as if I was born to fight. I lived in a house full of drama. It seemed like everyone in my family would talk mess about each other all the time. Sometimes that led to physical violence. I saw my family fight with each other, and was even involved in that violence when I was as young as seven-years-old.

I looked up to my older brother, who sometimes was violent. I wanted to be just like him. In school everyone already knew not to mess with me, as early as second grade. That’s when I figured I was “the bomb,” or at least that was my mentality back then.

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