Where is El Nido?

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Where is


Photo: Le Mahieu

by Lisbeth Vazquez

Editor’s Note: This story is published in We’Ced Youth Magazine Issue #3

“Where do you live?”

“El Nido!”

“Where is that?”

That is a common exchange that most people in El Nido have probably heard. I started hearing it more and more during my freshman year at Golden Valley High School, when my friends would ask me where I came from. Also, at a recent We’Ced meeting, when I was sharing my topic for this article and said I was writing about El Nido, another group member said, “What’s that? Isn’t it in South America?”

It’s funny how even some people who have been living in Merced for a long time don’t even know El Nido exists. I feel it’s funny, but at the same time I’m shocked because El Nido is so close!

El Nido is a town just 11 miles south of Merced on the way to Los Banos on Highway 59. El Nido is pretty small in size and I mean small. It is only 3.3 square miles and the population, according to the 2010 Census, is 625. Just by the fact that there aren’t many people here, we all know everybody or at least have seen them before. There is a lot more farms and dairies than there are actual houses.

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