Teens & Stress

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Ed Note: The American Psychological Association recently released the findings of their 2013 Stress In America Survey and the results were surprising. Teenagers are now considered the most stressed out group in America. The average self-reported stress rate for teens was 5.8, on a scale of ten, in comparison with 5.1 for adults. Teens also reported feeling physical and mental effects of stress like feeling overwhelmed, fatigue and depression. A selection of teens surveyed also pointed out that their stress levels were rising and they aren’t doing enough to manage them.

The APA says stress can either be an immediate reaction to something temporary, or an experience that can last quite a while when stressors are constant. Stressors are individual internal or external things that induce stress. Stress is dangerous when it affects someone’s ability to function normally for an extended period of time. These findings led We’Ced to a robust discussion on what stress and stressors look like locally, as well as stress management strategies.

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