Holistic Healer Shares Her Top DIY Remedies

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Long Beach holistic healer Panquetzani Ticitl grew up in a household where natural healing practices were commonplace. At an early age, Panquetzani was introduced to energy healing, fermenting and cooking practices by her maternal grandmother, whose family was from the northern Mexican state of Coahuila.

Panquetzani’s paternal grandmother, originally from Mexico City, introduced her to rebozo-based healing. A rebozo is a long flat garment which originated from Mexico that is usually folded and wrapped and can be worn to provide warmth, to provide back support for arduous tasks, and to heal and support women’s bodies after labor.

Through the mentorship and teachings of another Purepecha elder, Panquetzani now specializes in womb massaging, a practice rooted in Mesoamerican traditions focused on centering the uterine muscle to provide energetic balance throughout the body.

“If that core is not placed properly, you will feel that energetically in your life, and your body will also have repercussions like painful intercourse, lower back pain, bloating, and hormonal imbalances,” explained Panquetzani.

Panquetzani’s holistic healing work also encompasses western herbalism and modern-day wellness approaches. Her practices consist of implementing low-cost, low-technology healing approaches that anyone can do in the comfort of their home.

“Everyone has salt and water at home, can meditate, use oil and their hands for a massage,” says Panquetzani.

Panquetzani sees health in a more holistic and accessible way than going to the gym and taking expensive supplements. Instead, Panquetzani approaches health through tradition. She encourages community members to cook traditional meals, make herbal infusions, ferment food to encourage healthy bacteria in the gut, and connect to the spirit through meditation.

Panque #2Panquetzani considers her journey into motherhood back in 2007 as a transformative moment. “Motherhood built my identity as a healer,” she says, saying it have her “the inspiration and the confidence that I need to be able to share with my community.”

Panquetzani wanted to give birth more naturally and holistically, but quickly became aware of the lack of support for mothers with these wishes. Even the most conscious of women organizers, she said, were forced into western-based birthing practices.

“I saw mujeres in my community fighting for justice, against police brutality, for food justice, women’s rights, and economic equality and yet these same women were facing their own personal birthing as its own political uphill battle,” she said. “Many women were forced to give birth at hospitals and rely on manufactured formula to nurse their babies. I did not understand how one’s community [and] political identity did not intersect [the] identity as a mother.”

At that time, Panquetzani was unable to find a Mexican midwife or doula of color, and the ones she was able to identify charged inaccessible prices and didn’t seem aware of the importance of establishing a strong relationship with the birth mother.

Panquetzani decided to create a different environment for future mothers.

As women in her community began noticing the way she was approaching her personal birthing journey, numerous women began approaching Panquetzani for advice. At one point, she was receiving so many requests that she decided to turn this calling into a full time endeavor.

Panquetzani has facilitated workshops throughout Southern California, New York, Chicago, and will soon be bringing her knowledge to Costa Rica. This summer she hopes to conduct a fermentation course in Long Beach focused on improving digestive health and she also conducts personal consultations. You can contact her via email at [email protected].

Panquetzani’s Top 3 Home Remedies

Home Detox:
What it’s for: This recipe is perfect for those with asthma and in general for seasonal congestion and year-round cleansing.

– Combined orange and lemon peels
– Eucalyptus leaves (commonly found in Long Beach local parks)
– Water

Simmer all of the ingredients in a pot. Upon simmering it, your home will be infused in a light citrus scent that will allow for natural disinfection.

What it’s for: The fermented cabbage dish has probiotic benefits that keep your gut healthy and help with digestion.

– ½ to one bunch of carrots
– 1 head of cabbage
– ½ to 1 onion
– 1 tablespoon of sea salt
– Spring or purified water

Shred 1/2 to one bunch of carrots with a head of cabbage. Thinly slice onion. Mix all ingredients with a tablespoon of sea salt, until cabbage gives off water. Top off with spring or purified water to submerge ingredients. Beat down and place a glass (tall cup, small jar, etc.) on top. Push down any parts exposed to air daily. Ready in three days to a week. Wait 20 days for most probiotic benefits.

General womb cleanse:
What it’s for: This cleanse is designed to help remove toxins and other chemicals from your body, and make it easier for you to get pregnant.

– Dandelion
– Burdock
– Nettle
– Red clover
– Alfalfa

Combine ingredients to make an herbal infusion. Take three times daily.

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