SUMMER PLAYLIST: This is What Long Beach Teens are Listening to

Aug. 7, 2017 / By

VoiceWaves’ 2017 summer season started off with a beat drop — we asked our 21 Youth Reporters  hailing from all sides of Long Beach to tell us their favorite jams of the summer. Listen to dizzying grooves from Allah-Las and local favorites Chicano Batman, and you definitely can’t ignore the hard beats of SZA or the in-your-face audible punch from Tech N9ne. If that’s too rough for your mood, don’t worry, the list has some perfect picks for smooth listeners. Listen below to our summer playlist featuring songs, new and old, chosen by local youth.


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VoiceWaves is a Long Beach youth-led journalism and media-training project. The youth, ages 16-24, are learning to report, write, and create digital journalism content. Their reports will raise awareness of community health issues and activate change.