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For Students, Summer’s Internet Isolation can Cause Anxiety in the Fall

Sep. 11, 2018 / By
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At school, people I enjoy spending time with began hugging me and trying to catch up through casual conversation. I couldn’t breathe and got a really bad headache from all the commotion.

SUMMER PLAYLIST: This is What Long Beach Teens are Listening to

Aug. 7, 2017 / By
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VoiceWaves' season started off with a beat drop -- we asked our Youth Reporters hailing from all sides of Long Beach to tell us their favorite jams of the summer.

Hey LBUSD Students, Summer’s Coming Soon But the ACs Aren’t

Jun. 9, 2017 / By
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In the meantime, schools are finding other ways to cool off during the coming heat.

Residents Celebrate Peace in North Long Beach

Jun. 12, 2013 / By
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This past Friday, residents in North Long Beach were treated to a concert as part of “BE S.A.F.E...

Summer Night Lights Comes Back to LB Parks

May. 29, 2013 / By
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By CSULB Senior Seminar Reporters Alison Keiser, Ben Maxson and Ruby Limon.

Some more of Long Beach’s affluent residents are planning their summer vacations...

Long Beach Summer Night Lights 2011

Oct. 25, 2011 / By
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Summer Night Lights is a violence prevention strategy and youth development project implemented at MLK, Drake and Admiral Kidd Park from July 5th until Sept 2nd of this year...