IN PHOTOS: Long Beach organizations take to the streets to advocate for Medicare for All

Feb. 10, 2021 / By

All photos by Ceferino Martirez.


Local community organizations kicked off a “Medicare 4 All” campaign with a car caravan throughout Long Beach and Lakewood on Feb. 6.

“This is now the time, we have a governor who says he supports universal, single-payer healthcare,” said Patty Clark, a Long Beach Gray Panthers organizer and one of the co-leads of the car caravan.

Clark also pointed to a Democrat leaning State Assembly as an advantage in passing this as well as the many people currently having to pay drastic amounts for their health care.

“It’s just not right!” Clark said.

The car caravan was organized by the California Nurses Association, the Long Beach Gray Panthers, and the Long Beach chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America.

The caravan stopped at the offices of State Senator Lena Gonzalez, State Assemblymember Patrick O’Donnell and Speaker of the Assembly Anthony Rendon, all of whom represent portions of Long Beach and other neighboring cities in the county.

Although they were not present in their offices the organizers spoke up on the need to pass local healthcare laws at a state level, especially for the growing disparity of the pandemic.

When asked about why they chose a weekend rather than day that these representatives would be present.

“We’re doing this to say hello, this is just the first of many caravans here and we want them to know our presence,” Clark said. “It was the CNA’s job to [choose the date], I chose the time.”

During the stop at O’Donnell’s office, security attempted to call police to force the caravaners to leave. Members of the caravan later left the parking lot to head to the office of Anthony Rendon, where they would again make another stop to speak. 

“This is just the first step.. What we want to do is to [contact] these three individuals. Your partificaption is really important for that,” said Leanna Noble, a member of DSA Long Beach.



Patty Clark holds signs saying “health care not welfare” and a “Gray Panthers supports MED4ALL.”


Leanna Noble hands out campaign materials prior to the start of the caravan.


The caravan prepares to move out from their meeting point at 45th St. and Atlantic Ave. near Bixby Knolls.


Private security instructs caravan organizers to leave the property whilst calling police.


While at 5000 E. Spring St., Hollis Stewart stares at the caravan as they move to their last stop.


California Nurses Association members stand outside Anthony Rendon’s office on Lakewood Blvd.


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Ceferino Martirez

Ceferino Martirez is a photojournalist with VoiceWaves. He is a history and history education major at CSULB who joined VoiceWaves in 2018. Martirez’s work focuses on street photography and protest coverage. His work with VoiceWaves has focused on using his photography to capture community voices on issues like housing, labor, and youth rights.