Ariana Sawyer

Ariana Sawyer is a young journalist especially interested in immigration and social justice issues. She is currently the Opinions Editor for the Daily 49er, California State University, Long Beach’s student-run newspaper, as well as a regularly contributing news and opinions writer. She recently won the Phyllis Jackson Memorial Scholarship and looks forward to graduating with honors in 2016.

Posts by Ariana Sawyer:

From War Abroad to War at Home – Local Vets Struggle with PTSD, Addiction

Apr. 14, 2016 / By
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A Long Beach veteran and nurse's assistant relives her trauma and copes by self-medicating, and statistics show 1 in 5 veterans with PTSD do, too.

Incarceration Not Effective In Crime Reduction, Study Says

May. 13, 2015 / By
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High incarceration rates have had a pervasively harmful effect on society – especially for women, young black men, and their families.

Seeking Asylum A Century After Armenian Genocide

May. 4, 2015 / By
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April marked the 100-year anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. Approximately 1.4 million Armenians live in the United States, one million of which live across L.A. County.