Benyamin Chao

Benyamin is a Long Beach native, growing up in North Long Beach. He graduated from UC Berkeley in 2017 and is passionate about telling stories. In his free time, you can find Benyamin singing karaoke or researching local history.

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The Road to Youth Justice

Jul. 15, 2019 / By , , , , , and
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A former gang member, a youth's strange run-in with the law, a student with A.D.D. kicked out of Wilson, and a public health expert. What can Long Beach learn from its own residents and youth about the road to true youth justice?

California’s Wall Between Immigrants and Health Care — Opinion, VoiceWaves Long Beach

May. 1, 2019 / By

Our state wants to extend health care to undocumented young adults. Will we leave their parents behind?