Luis Sanchez

Things about me: Poly high student, love to edit just don’t show it, will listen to people's problems and help out, like to listen to rock and watch lots of anime and movies, also love video games, want to help Long Beach so it can be the best you can be. I also want to become a film editor.

Posts by Luis Sanchez:

Tackling Vaping Culture at Long Beach Poly High School

Nov. 15, 2019 / By
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Students at Poly open up about vaping on campus. One counselor is trying to do something about it.

Long Beach Comic-Con gives cosplayers a place ‘to find your people’

Aug. 31, 2019 / By

Our Youth Reporter Luis Sanchez attended Long Beach Comic Con Saturday and partnered with the Long Beach Post to take these cool photos.

More Displacement & Poor Air: Youth Protest 710 Freeway Expansion

Jul. 24, 2019 / By , and
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Long Beach youth and other 710 freeway communities gathered together in Commerce to protest the expansion of the freeway citing environmental consequences and displacement.

The Road to Youth Justice

Jul. 15, 2019 / By , , , , , and
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A former gang member, a youth's strange run-in with the law, a student with A.D.D. kicked out of Wilson, and a public health expert. What can Long Beach learn from its own residents and youth about the road to true youth justice?