Cornelia Nicholson

Cornelia Nicholson is a recent journalism graduate from Cal State Long Beach. Ever since she can remember, Cornelia has always wanted to be a reporter. Realizing at such a young age her passion for reading and writing, she hasn't wanted to do any other career. She loves to create videos and be in front of a camera. Her favorite part of journalism is interviewing and getting a chance to hear someone's story. This Orange County native is also a big music fan. When she's not writing, editing or shooting, you probably will see her at a music festival or concert!

Posts by Cornelia Nicholson:

Local Movie-Goers React to ‘Crazy Rich Asians’

Aug. 24, 2018 / By
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It was refreshing to see Hollywood embrace diversity, they thought.

Seniors, Veterans, Disabled Residents Protest Downtown Long Beach Rent Hike

Aug. 10, 2018 / By and
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Many say they can't afford the rent increase, fearing they might go homeless.

Long Beach Charity Organizers Hand Out 500 Backpacks To Kids in Need

Aug. 8, 2018 / By
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Tito Rodriguez, also known as the “Hood Santa,” and Jose “Dire” Mercado, owner of 1897LB, came together once again for their third annual backpack giveaway.

Social Justice Event #JustLBC Welcomed Long Beach to a Day of Arts, Music

Aug. 1, 2018 / By
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Headlining the event was Earth Arrow, a Afro-Cuban hip-hop band.