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Almee Christian stands, facing forward. Behind her to the side is a caricature of her and her friends, posted to the wall.

International CSULB graduates up against time and luck to remain in the U.S.

Jun. 5, 2023 / By
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Shrinking job openings and lotteries for limited numbers of visas are among the issues international students face when trying to remain in the country.
Wendy Rosales poses for a photo, staring to the right with a hand on her chest.

With BadWreckMedia, CSULB student Wendy Rosales pushes through adversity to highlight indie musicians

Nov. 9, 2022 / By
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How one DACA recipient inspires artists and others through music journalism.
A car windshield has a butterfly sticker next to a sticker saying "wag more."

“The monarchs in my neighborhood:” A poem about moving to a new city

Oct. 5, 2021 / By
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In this poem, VoiceWaves reporter Rachel Livinal writes about her transition from a small city to the much larger city of Long Beach, and how she's learned to move through it all.