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A sign at Poly High School welcomes students back and says in-person instruction will continue until June 16.

LBUSD schools with more students of color had less students return to in-person learning

May. 24, 2021 / By
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Less students at schools with higher student of color populations returned to in-person learning for the close of this school year. Students discuss why they are or aren't returning.

Our Community: Californians for Justice

Sep. 4, 2013 / By
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“Our Community” is a VoiceWaves project and community event that was showcased on Aug. 26. Youth reporters were tasked to explore their community through a camera’s lens, each picking one community-based organization to shine a spotlight on...

Students Support Weighted Pupil Proposal

May. 17, 2012 / By
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Students from all over California gather in Sacramento to support Governor Jerry Brown’s Weighted Pupil Proposal...