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Can We Rid the Shame of Community College Already? – VoiceWaves, Long Beach

May. 8, 2019 / By
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Choosing Long Beach City College over a university doesn’t make you not ‘smart.’

‘I know nothing about adulting’; LBUSD is shifting focus to college courses over life learning

Nov. 27, 2018 / By
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Long Beach high schools have been shifting focus to A through G requirements at what some students believe is the expense of learning basic life skills.

PODCAST: Wavegang Talks Junior College Transfers with A Counselor

Sep. 15, 2018 / By , , and
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Community college makes things happen. Let's debunk myths about the transfer process with an LBCC counselor.

What Does the “Yes Means Yes” Law Mean for Cal State Long Beach?

Oct. 21, 2014 / By
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At California State University, Long Beach (CSULB), where an average of 2.6 sexual assaults are reported each year in the past 5 years, students are celebrating the enactment of the law and sharing their ideas on what more can be done on campus.

Are Students Being Prepared Properly For College & Career?

Jun. 25, 2014 / By
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Growing up, school felt like a chore: I woke up, ate breakfast, went to school, headed back home, did homework, ate dinner, went to bed, and repeat...

High Schools Students Doubtful About Future Careers

Dec. 5, 2013 / By
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Everyday, Californians struggle to find and keep jobs in today’s languishing economy. For the high school students who are about to make decisions that will impact the rest of their lives, watching their parents, friends and teachers lose their jobs has created a sense of doubt about their future...

Q&A: Napolitano On Diversity, Academics and the Undocumented at U.C.

Nov. 7, 2013 / By
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New America Media, Video, Peter Schurmann, Video by Jacob Simas

Ed. Note: In September former secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano took over as president of the University of California, the first-ever woman to hold that position...

Community College Students Struggle to Get Classes to Graduate on Time

Nov. 1, 2013 / By and
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Jacob Rios has been going to community college for about six years. Year after year he toiled to complete his general education courses, with each year coming one step closer to his seemingly unattainable associate’s degree...

Youth & Debt: Why It’s Important to Talk About Money

Jul. 18, 2013 / By
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As the cost of tuition rises and the job market becomes more difficult, young people today have become more indebted than generations past...

Predicting Success By Test?

Jun. 4, 2012 / By
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By Sharee Lopez

Is the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), really the best indicator of college success?..

Long Beach City College City Magazine

May. 27, 2012 / By
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VoiceWaves Journalist Jesus Hernandez shares his experience as Co-Editor in Chief of City Magazine at Long Beach City College...