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PODCAST: Wavegang Talks Junior College Transfers with A Counselor

Sep. 15, 2018 / By , , and
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Community college makes things happen. Let's debunk myths about the transfer process with an LBCC counselor.

Reclaiming the alleys in Boyle Heights: A community effort converts blighted areas into play zones

Oct. 27, 2013 / By
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The laughter of four barefoot boys fills the air as they race desk chairs — not in a park, but rather in an improvised backyard, which happens to be an alley in Boyle Heights...

City Fabrick: People and the Environment

Mar. 20, 2013 / By
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City Fabrick is a nonprofit design studio promoting progressive urban design that enhances the livability of communities & the health of residents in Long Beach.


Special Report Coming Soon!–Transportation in the East Valley

Nov. 2, 2011 / By
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Coachella Unincorporated is working on a special report about transportation hurdles for those living in the East Valley...

Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services

Oct. 25, 2011 / By
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Ron Arias, Department Director, sat down with VoiceWaves to discuss the current state of the Health Department in Long Beach and the future...