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PHOTOS: Long Beach youth uplift city issues through dance and performances at the 13th annual Yellow Lounge

Aug. 7, 2019 / By
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Long Beach youth uplifted the importance of culture and voice during the 13th annual Yellow Lounge Saturday night.

Activists Dance and Protest to ‘Stomp Out’ Wage Theft

Mar. 23, 2016 / By
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“Collect! Protect! Enforce!”

That’s what dozens of participants chanted as they danced in unison outside Long Beach City Hall on March 15...

After Budget Cuts, Community Helps LBUSD Maintain Arts Education

Nov. 6, 2014 / By
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After school at Admiral Kidd Park in Long Beach, 22-year-old Walter Brown blasts pop music for a group of excited kids. The students learn a new routine each time he plays a new song. Some follow his moves; some enjoy their own free styles.

Local Dancer Fuses East & West Traditions, Sparks Conversations

May. 2, 2014 / By
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By CSULB Senior Seminar Reporter Elizabeth Schmidt

Shyamala Moorty extends her arms in the air with closed fists, while using her voice to deliver explicit messages...

The Arts Dance in Central Long Beach

Dec. 20, 2013 / By
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This past fall, a group of dancers gathered in Central Long Beach for a special performance. ..

Deported Breakdancer Finds Purpose Serving Youth in Cambodia

Oct. 4, 2013 / By
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Growing up in Long Beach, Tuy Sobil became enamored with breakdancing, eventually joining a dance crew and adopting the nickname “KK.”..

L.A. Street Dance Company Brings Krump and More To CSULB

Feb. 23, 2013 / By
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Long Beach Post By Sarah Bennett

Photos by Sage Gallon courtesy of The Underground.

Every Wednesday night, street dancers from across Los Angeles meet at a gang-neutral strip mall parking lot in North Hollywood for a krump session...

Long Beach Youth Dance for Peace

Jan. 20, 2013 / By
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Dance For Peace youth hip-hop dancers from Homeland Cultural Center blessed the community with some fresh break dancing and pop locking last Monday...

Dancing With Sophiline

Oct. 18, 2011 / By
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Video by Cheeravath Aphipunyo, Sophinarath Cheang, and John Oliver Santiago.

Come with VoiceWaves into a rehearsal with renowned choreographer Sophiline Cheam Shapiro and her Khmer Arts Ensemble.  ..