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Priced Out: Sequester Cuts Devastate Silicon Valley’s Most Vulnerable

Sep. 3, 2013 / By
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Silicon Valley De-Bug, Op-ed, Text: Sandy Perry / Video: Fernando Perez

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following editorial and video, featuring testimonies of Section 8 tenants impacted by federal sequester cuts, was produced by Silicon Valley De-Bug in collaboration with the Community Homeless Alliance Ministries, a group that is organizing against the rent increases...

The Dream Lives: San Jose Commemorates March on Washington

Aug. 28, 2013 / By

Silicon Valley DeBug, Video, Charisse Domingo

Ed. Note: Photographer Charisse Domingo captured the images and voices of the hundreds who gathered in San Jose earlier this week to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, which falls on Aug...

VIDEO: The Cannery Grand Opening

Aug. 18, 2013 / By
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Adrian Avila • Silicon Valley De-Bug

The Cannery is a creative zone focused on bringing a touch of color and style to San Jose...

Santa Clara County Families Stop Ban of Letters to Inmates

Aug. 10, 2013 / By
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Congratulations to the families and community of Santa Clara County! We successfully made our voices heard, and stopped the implementation of a jail policy which would have greatly restricted inmates from receiving letters, photos, and all of the other “lifelines” that connect those on the inside to their loved ones on the outside...

Police Newsletter Promotes “Letter of Apology” Tactic to Beat Claims of Coercion

Jul. 24, 2013 / By

Silicon Valley De-Bug

In the July edition of the Vanguard, a magazine that identifies itself as the “official publication of the San Jose Police Officers’ Association,” is a step by step guide on how and why police should get a letter of apology during interviews in order to impact how cases are later adjudicated in the courts...

Oakland Natives Welcome Auckland Natives To Their Homeland

Jul. 18, 2013 / By


It was a packed house earlier this week at the Intertribal Friendship House when Maori group,Te Whaka Huia made their way from Auckland, New Zealand to Oakland, Bay Area and were greeted with a ceremonial welcoming from the Ohlone Bay Area Natives. ..

Samoan Dance Brings Healing to Violence-Prone SF Community

May. 19, 2013 / By
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Silicon Valley DeBug/ New America Media, Video, Jean Melesaine

Pelenise Faataui, a native of San Francisco’s Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood, recently began teaching Polynesian dance to friends and neighbors in the area...

Don’t Blame Hip Hop for Molly, We Got it from the Ravers

May. 8, 2013 / By
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The party drug Molly is all over hip hop. But commentator and rap artist Cola says the party drug did not come from hip hop culture, but rather seeped in from the mixing with other genres...

Documentary Profile of Artist Kevin Cornejo: El Pintor y El Paisaje

May. 1, 2013 / By
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A Marlo Custodio mini-documentary of artist Kevin Alejandro Cornejo. As college students, Cornejo’s parents journeyed from El Salvador during the Civil War in the 1980’s and begun a new life in San Jose, California...