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Parents are Responsible for the Health of their Children

Jun. 1, 2013 / By
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Letisha White, The kNOw

In a modern society, there are several difficulties. Along with the murders and diseases, obesity ranks as one of the chief problems in today’s communities...

Is Boyle Heights a food desert or a food swamp?

Dec. 28, 2012 / By
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By  on December 3, 2012

When a new grocery store opens in many communities in Los Angeles, it doesn’t get a lot of attention...

Spring Street Farm Project

May. 23, 2012 / By
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Jesse Frutos is a third-generation farmer in California, tilling the same land in the town of Cypress that his grandfather did.


Double XP on Junk Food in Call of Duty 3

Nov. 23, 2011 / By
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New America Media/The kNOw, Commentary, Luis Pacheco, Posted: Nov 23, 2011

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, released Nov...