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ATTN: Long Beach Poly – Your Feminism Report Card Is In

Feb. 28, 2019 / By
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We asked a few students and teachers how feminist their school is and here are the results.

Emerging With Strength: Women of Long Beach

Aug. 24, 2017 / By
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These women of Long Beach prove that greatness comes in all colors, sizes and lifestyles. Watch and share our video for #WomensEqualityDay.

For Women’s Day, All-Female Art Show

Mar. 16, 2017 / By
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Celebrating and recognizing women artists in Long Beach during Women's History Month.

Long Beach Women Discuss Sexual Harassment & Pay Gap In The Service Industry

Oct. 27, 2015 / By
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Sexual assault, pay gap, and heavy workloads were all topics of discussion last Tuesday at a film screening and panel discussion entitled, “Rape on the Night Shift” at CSULB.

For Female Athletes, Double Standards Start At An Early Age

May. 26, 2015 / By
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Female athletes are judged by their appearance far more than male athletes and are often subjected to public scrutiny based on their looks or “sexual behavior.”

Latina Conference Focuses On Leadership & Education

May. 7, 2015 / By
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Many women at the conference voiced their struggles as working mothers and their fears about going back to school or starting their own businesses.

The Next Generation of Long Beach Women in STEM

Feb. 27, 2015 / By
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If women are doing better academically in STEM classes, where are women in STEM careers? We asked young women in Long Beach why they chose their STEM major and what advice they have for others considering that path.

5 Black Women To Watch Online In 2015

Dec. 22, 2014 / By
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A VoiceWaves reporter shares her own reasons for preferring the online world of entertainment, and offers her suggestions for the top Black female entertainers to keep an eye out for in next year.

Could Low-Income Women Benefit More From Doulas?

Sep. 24, 2014 / By
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According to some studies, the use of doulas can lead to a more empowering birth experience for mothers. But despite growing awareness around the relative lack of doula services in low-income communities, not much has been done to bridge the access divide.

Keep Out Of My Kinks!

Jul. 24, 2014 / By
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The pressure on a Black woman to follow widely accepted beauty norms and standards in America is real...

Young Women Weigh In On Hobby Lobby Decision

Jul. 18, 2014 / By
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For centuries, millions of women all over the world have used some form of birth control...

Why Do Male Athletes—Gay or Straight— Get More Attention Than Female Athletes?

May. 23, 2014 / By
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Photo Courtesy of Getty/Reuters

Being on a sports team comes with camaraderie and often times, teammates can become really close, like family...