Living With Diabetes As A Teen

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One week later, the doctor called to break the news that her hunch was indeed correct. She was very concerned about my weight and told me I could treat my disease by exercising regularly and making healthy choices, such as eating healthier foods. She also prescribed me pills called Metformin.

At first, I didn’t take my diabetes seriously at all. I thought all I had to do was just pop a pill, and my sugar would be good throughout the day. Unfortunately, that’s not how easy it is. You also need to watch what you eat and check your blood sugar levels constantly. I didn’t take my medicine or test my sugars because I was just frustrated with it all – I even stopped going to the doctor. I saw no point if I wasn’t taking care of myself.

A year later, I was in the worst physical shape I’ve ever been in. I became immune to the headaches and the high sugar and I didn’t realize the extent to which I was damaging my body. Then one day I had a sharp pain in my lower stomach and back. I took it as any other cramp and brushed it off. It worsened and it got the point where I couldn’t really move without wanting to cry. My mom took me to the doctor to see what was wrong and we found out I had gotten an infection from my sugar being so high. High blood sugar can lead to high levels of sugar in the body tissue and cause bacteria to grow, allowing infections to develop more quickly. The most commonly affected areas are the bladder, kidneys, genitalia, gums, feet, and skin.

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