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Long Beach Lifts 3-Year Ban On Marijuana Dispensaries

Oct. 12, 2015 / By
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New state laws created a framework for the city of Long Beach to end its three-year de-facto ban on the drug.

50 Years After The Equal Pay Act, Gender Wage Gap Endures

Jun. 10, 2013 / By
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On this day 50 years ago, President John F. Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act in an effort to abolish wage discrimination based on gender...

Youth Radio: Uncovering the Injustice in the Juvenile Justice System

Jun. 1, 2013 / By
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This week on the Youth Radio Podcast, we take a close look at two policies within the juvenile justice system: sentencing and restitution, the practice of making youth offenders pay fines to the state, and to the victims of their crimes...

Harsh Punishment Policies Plague Students of Color

Jan. 2, 2013 / By
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Young people with the worst graduation rates in Long Beach are falling victim to disciplinary practices that make graduating high school even more daunting...

Long Beach to Ban Pay Day Loans

Nov. 24, 2012 / By
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By CSULB Student Reporter Mitch Atkinson..

White House Initiative on Elder Abuse

Jun. 14, 2012 / By
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The White House Office of Public Engagement, in collaboration with the Administration for Community Living, the Department of Justice, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, hosts an event highlighting elder abuse and financial exploitation, featuring Administration officials as well as individuals and organizations committed to addressing elder abuse and financial exploitation in their local communities...

In Richmond, a Murder Trial Begins and a Father Copes With Loss

Apr. 24, 2012 / By
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New America Media / Richmond Pulse, News Report, Monica Quesada, Posted: Apr 24, 2012



The Health Care Law and You

Mar. 30, 2012 / By
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Find out what Health Care Services are available to you now!

Click here to visit the Healthy Consumer Alliance



Coming Out as Undocumented in the Suburbs

Jan. 17, 2012 / By
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Alhambra Source, News Feature, Daniela Gerson and Nathan Solis, Posted: Jan 16, 2012

Photo caption: Jonathan Perez, bottom left, is part of a new movement of undocumented youth in the San Gabriel Valley...

Advocates Launch Campaign to Get Anti-Trafficking Bill on State Ballot

Jan. 13, 2012 / By
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New America Media, News Report, Elena Shore, Posted: Jan 12, 2012

Photo caption: Daphne Phung, founder of California Against Slavery, helped draft the CASE Act to increase penalties against human traffickers...

Geography of the Bay Area’s Dope Game

Dec. 10, 2011 / By
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News Report, Sean Shavers, Posted: Dec 09, 2011

Editor’s Note:  Six years ago, New America Media’s Youth Outlook!..

Human Trafficking: How One Hmong Girl Escaped From China

Nov. 1, 2011 / By
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Pacific Link, First Person, Nhu Tien Lu, Posted: Oct 28, 2011

Editor’s note: This past summer, Nhu Tien Le, a Vietnamese American college student, helped human trafficking survivors restore normalcy to their lives at a re-integration center in northern Vietnam...