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Long Beach Violence Prevention Plan Community Safety Meeting

May. 22, 2013 / By
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The City of Long Beach invites you to a Community Safety Meeting about the LBVPP.  We want to hear from you. ..

Grand Prix May Have Displaced Homeless

Apr. 26, 2013 / By
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Dedra Wilson was woken up around 5:40 a.m. on last Thursday morning by Long Beach police...

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Apr. 8, 2013 / By
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The 2013 Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) campaign focuses on healthy sexuality and child sexual abuse prevention...

Gang Injunctions: a Secret in Long Beach

Dec. 15, 2012 / By
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Anytime after 10 p.m., 18-year old Mike gets a little scared to be in his neighborhood...

Police Limited In A Budget Balancing Act

Sep. 13, 2012 / By
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In the middle of discussing the use of one-time funds to patch-up the budget last week, Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster complained it was “giving him heartburn.”..

Preventing Violence Through Park Activities

Sep. 7, 2012 / By
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The Summer Night Lights Program at Admiral Kidd Park came to an end the night of Aug...

Summer Night Lights: Fun in the Park After Dark

Jul. 16, 2012 / By
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The Summer Night Lights (SNL) program- an initiative aimed at reducing the number of violent incidents at Long Beach parks during the summer, kicked off this week...

Snitching: Myth or Reality?

Jul. 15, 2012 / By
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Commentary,  Unathi Udo

“Stop Snitching” is that a slogan that is pushed by criminals on the streets and on Wall Street...

Stop-and-Frisk Policing Criminalizes Youth

Jun. 7, 2012 / By
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New America Media, News Report, Benjamin Jealous, Posted: Jun 07, 2012

Last year in New York City, police stopped and interrogated black men and boys between the ages 14 and 24 a total of 168,126 times...

Geography of the Bay Area’s Dope Game

Dec. 10, 2011 / By
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News Report, Sean Shavers, Posted: Dec 09, 2011

Editor’s Note:  Six years ago, New America Media’s Youth Outlook!..

School Resource Officers are a Waste of Resources, Says New Report

Dec. 6, 2011 / By
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Published: November 15, 2011

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Having school resource officers (SROs) and other police in schools causes more harm than good...

Driving While Mexican

Nov. 16, 2011 / By
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“I got pulled over for no reason,” I said to my father after a night of sightseeing...