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Survey Reveals One-Fifth of American Families Face Burdensome Health Care Costs

Jun. 5, 2013 / By
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More than 1 in 5 Americans under age 65 had problems paying medical bills in 2011, and the burden disproportionately fell on the poor, the uninsured and those on government health care programs, according to survey findings released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Tuesday...

Medicaid Expanded for Former Foster Youth – If They Don’t Leave the State

May. 28, 2013 / By
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New America Media, News Report, Anna Challet

SAN FRANCISCO — Under Obamacare, most former foster youth will now remain eligible for Medicaid until age 26 – if they remain in the states they lived in when they aged out of care...

Covering Californians

May. 15, 2013 / By
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Covered California’s mission is to increase the number of Californians with health insurance, improve the quality of health care for all of us, reduce health care coverage costs and make sure California’s diverse population has fair and equal access to quality health care...

Oct. 1 D-Day for Health Care Insurance Enrollment

May. 8, 2013 / By

New America Media, Video, Text: Khalil Abdullah / Video: Josue Rojas

NEW YORK — October 1 is D-day for New Yorkers to start shopping for affordable health care coverage on the New York Health Benefits Exchange...

Gov. Brown, Healthcare Advocates At Odds Over Medi-Cal Expansion

Apr. 19, 2013 / By
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New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram

SACRAMENTO – Health care advocates warn that time is running out on drawing down federal dollars to expand Medi-Cal, a move that would prevent nearly 1.4 million low-income Californians from remaining uninsured when health care reform is fully implemented Jan...

The Affordable Care Act In Plain English

Apr. 12, 2013 / By

Dr. Valerie Arkoosh explains the provisions of the Affordable Care Act and its impact on various patient groups...

Dreaming of Health Care for All

Apr. 8, 2013 / By

Thousands of young people throughout California can only dream about health care. They want to live healthy responsible lives...

Obamacare Gave My Mom Peace of Mind

Apr. 2, 2013 / By
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La Opinión, Op-ed, Adrián Sánchez, Translated by Elena Shore

Photo: Aurelia Ventura/La Opinión

Traducción al español

Health care reform is already helping people struggling to get health insurance...

California Gets Federal Nod to Coordinate Care for Most Vulnerable Patients

Mar. 30, 2013 / By
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New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram and Paul Kleyman

Photo: Arsenio I. Jimenez, MD, examines patient at Sacramento’s Molina Medical Clinic...

Find Out More About Affordable Care Act

Mar. 28, 2013 / By
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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) puts in place strong consumer protections, provides new coverage options and gives you the tools you need to make informed choices about your health...

Maryland Takes Lead on Health Care Reform

Mar. 24, 2013 / By
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New America Media, Video, Khalil Abdullah

BALTIMORE — As one of America’s top ten wealthiest states and one that trends heavily Democratic, Maryland was among the nation’s first to move full throttle to implement the Affordable Care Act...