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Holiday Food Drives Helps Hungry in Long Beach

Nov. 20, 2012 / By
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By CSULB Student Reporter Natasha Hunkins


Eating Locally This Thanksgiving

Nov. 16, 2012 / By
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When Jimmy Ng introduced the process of planting and growing food to elementary students in North Long Beach, he was dumbstruck when they could not answer the question of where a piece of fruit came from...

Addressing Bullying Takes More Than a Month

Nov. 14, 2012 / By
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Every seven minutes an incident of bullying occurs somewhere in the world.

Bullying can cause children to miss school due to fear of being harassed and can even lead to suicides...

LA Project, LB Problems: The SCIG Continues

Nov. 10, 2012 / By
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Scores of Long Beach children raised homemade frown-face signs to express their frustration with port officials at a special meeting held by Council Member James Johnson at Silverado Park Wednesday night...

BHC Youth Conduct School Climate Surveys

Nov. 8, 2012 / By
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As part of its Every Student Matters campaign, the Building Heatlhy Community Long Beach Youth Committee has created a survey on school climate for Long Beach students...

Long Beach Celebrates Local and State Victories

Nov. 8, 2012 / By
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As the election inched closer to a conclusion, many Long Beach residents were jubilant Tuesday night...

Win Or Lose: Youth Weigh in on Obama

Nov. 5, 2012 / By
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With election day literally around the corner, New America Media asked our youth reporters to weigh in on tomorrow’s presidential election outcome...

LB Voters to Decide on Wages and Election Scheduling

Nov. 2, 2012 / By and
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Videos by  Joshua Jimenez

On Tuesday, Long Beach residents will cast their votes on a range of issues, including a living wage for hotel workers to a schedule change for municipal elections...

Making the Case for Voting in Long Beach

Oct. 31, 2012 / By
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By VoiceWaves Guest Writer Tonia Reyes Uranga

I want to stress the importance of voting in this very important election this November 6th...

The Fight Against the SCIG Project Goes On

Oct. 31, 2012 / By
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Long Beach community members and groups are continuing the fight against the controversial proposed $500 million dollar container loading yard just outside city limits...

November/December 2012 Palacio de Long Beach Magazine

Oct. 30, 2012 / By
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This Holiday issue of Palacio Magazine celebrates some the many reasons we have to be thankful all year long...

Khmer Girls in Action Makes Voting Easier

Oct. 26, 2012 / By
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Hoping to help voters make decisions that support a healthy Long Beach, Khmer Girls In Action created a voter guide...